Lees hieronder de scores voor Gustave Lorentz inclusief begeleidend schrijven door Jancis Robinson:

Riesling Grand Cru Kanzlerberg – Organic 2018

17.5/20 | “Heavy bottle. Smells of rain-wet slate steaming in hot-summer morning sun, smells of petrichor, smells of lemon blossom, smells of lemon verbena crushed on your fingers, of a ripe greengage, just broken open. I held this wine in my mouth and stopped. Its power, tremulously held, tasted like the sound of a cello string. One tiny sip, and the finish went on and on and on. Strangely silent, yet filling the air with this haunting reverberation. Reverberating, yet strangely still, as if it holds a quiet space within itself. A wine that, if I were to draw its shape, I would draw a parabola on a line graph with both horizontal and vertical axes – symmetry, curve, linearity, precision, every point loaded with meaning, a story in a shape.”

Let op: op dit moment hebben wij nog de 2017 in ons assortiment, de 2018 zal later dit jaar worden toegevoegd.

Riesling Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim Vieilles Vignes – Organic 2017

17.5/20 | “There is a mineral slam of compacted sea shells, brine, lemon-soused mica, kumquat-spliced-into-silver. And then the wine moves across the mouth like a widening triangle, like a slice of an architect’s drawing of a bridge, like a flash of white anger, like lemon juice sucked off green bay leaves, like a ballerina just did parkour. Shocking, stunning, angular, crimped, disciplined, wild, bending into corners; a wine you can only taste in slow motion.”

Let op: op dit moment hebben wij nog de 2015 in ons assortiment, deze scoorde eerder 17/20.

Qui l’Eût Cru? – Orange wine 2021

16/20 | “No more ‘orange’ looking than their ‘Wine Not?’ cuvée. But cloudy. Floral nose, but also leafy, in a scented way – like verbena. Tastes like elderflower blossoms, aloe vera juice, like apple mint and lime. Edgy, a touch waspish, in the way that a very clever, witty person can make very funny, but subtly catty comments, and get away with it. Maybe because of that heady note of ylang ylang that brings a swirl of banana and jasmine and vanilla and exotic greenery, distracting with its slight bitter seduction.”

Pinot Gris Evidence – Organic 2020

16/20 | “Nutty nose. In fact, it reminds me a bit of a buttery baked potato and glistening golden chicken juices threading and puddling into a creamy sauce. Very savoury on the nose, and more savoury than fruity on the palate. Funnily enough, I can also pick up a touch of the ylang ylang that I found on their orange wine. Custard apple. Soft curves, full-bodied.”

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